Saturday, December 31, 2016

Highlights of 2016

January 2016 brought the Liberty Bowl Razorback game!  WooPIG!
And, we got our first snow at the farm...first snow with chickens and donkeys...and only snow day of 2016. Beautiful!!
February 2016...what do you know?  I turned 29 again!
And, I got a super sweet 4-wheeler for my birthday! (That's my Sunday School teacher, who happens to own a Honda shop and delivered my 4-wheeler!) :)  This was one of our best purchases for the farm!!!
March 2016 was eventful...with one of my favorite library events, Dr. Seuss Day!!
Then, I bought 8 more baby chicks and we went from 8 to 16 chickens! LOL! Earning my title #crazychickenlady
We also went on our first camping trip of the year during Spring Break and it was SO COLD!!  And, the place we originally went was closed and we had to scramble to find a place to camp! :)
And, Big Bear went on a mission trip to the Dominican to build a new church.
April 2016 was when we got the text asking if wanted a free goat...

And, then it just got crazy!  We had to finish the garden area, finish the new bigger chicken run and then start on the goat shed and goat fence!!  It was a month of coming home from work to work until dark!
All for a free goat! LOL!
May 2016 was when we officially went goat crazy!  We got Pop, the free goat, but he would need friends.  So, we got him two fainting goat buddies.  Snap and Crackle! LOL!
They were/are adorable!!
It was also the first horse show (for me...we missed the April ones due to all the goat preparations!)
And, at the end of the month, our nephew got married.  
June 2016 was more horse shows!!  My niece is amazing and beautiful!
We also added two adorable barn cats to the mix.  Oh, the cuteness and just in time for summer break!
And Katniss:
We basically just enjoyed summer days of momma not going to work every day. :)  Big Bear had knee surgery in June too, so we had to stay pretty inactive.
 July 2016
We had a big 4th of July bash at the farm!  The poor animals were exhausted!! LOL! 
Big Bear had a birthday...29th?
We also managed to get in two camping trips with a little fishing!

August 2016
Back to school and I went to my first book signing and met an author! 
September 2016
We tried to escape for a weekend getaway and it turned into worse trip...mark it as the weekend Katniss got sick and we raced home for an emergency vet trip.
October 2016
was the first Arkansas Goat Festival...hilarious!  LOVED it!
And, of course, the Book Fair!!  Arrgh!
November 2016
was the meeting of my second author!!  Margaret Peterson Haddix!! Exciting!
We were able to escape for a mini-vacation to Branson and then on up to the Missouri/Razorback game.  It was good for a half. :(  Ballgame was embarrassing but the trip was much needed and good!
It was also the making of the Benson Christmas card...
December 2016
Christmas card fun!  Followed by Christmas, family, and vacation!
And, Big Bear inherited his dad's tractor!  Big day on the farm!
All in all, not a bad year when you look back!
Happy New Year!

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