Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Tractor background

The story of how the tractor came to be on our little hobby farm...
Big Bear's dad has had this tractor for the past 21 years and had bought it from his uncle (Big Bear's great uncle) who had bought it off the showroom floor in 1987.  So...this tractor is a piece of family history.  It has always been owned by the family and passed down.  Once Big Bear's dad decided to sell his 20 acres, the tractor needed a new home.  Who better to take care of it and actually USE it!?!
It is an International and was one of the last models sold as International before they merged with Case.  So, no green tractor's for us. :)
It has a bush hog that has always been with it and will come in really handy for us as we begin clearing out some woods.  We are on 10 acres, but only about 4 1/2 are actually cleared.  It's a slow process, but we would like to make better use of our land and start clearing some of the other 5 1/2 acres.  
Big Bear PROMISES to be VERY careful!!  He has also promised to be sure ALL pets are safely inside the house while tractor is in use!
And, in true form...nothing is ever free...where we thought we were going to park it, it won't fit.  So, we are having to build a new donkey shed so the tractor can park where the donkeys are currently.  Construction starts today!  

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