Monday, January 16, 2017

A Duck Tale...

Here's how the story goes, my niece had these ducks and was raising them in her backyard.  There came a point sometime in November when her mom said the ducks had to go.  Now grandma & grandpa (my mom & dad) have 3 ponds on their 60 acres, so naturally the ducks ended up there.  We all thought, "These ducks are going to be dead within a day or two."  But they proved us wrong.  The ducks lived and we all got to where we enjoyed going down to the pond to see them.  Even my brother.  
And then a predator struck this weekend.  A skunk we believe, killed the white duck. :(  My mom was sad and had to take care of it while the other duck (gray one pictured below) cried for its companion.  Literally.  
I went to pick up hay on Saturday and Pepper, the gray fella, just looked lost without his friend.  My mom had decided to try to find him a buddy.  My brother did some research and said he shouldn't be alone and he would build them a better shelter.  I went home that night and texted a friend with ducks and low and behold, she had one for sale!  So, we went and caught Pepper's new friend before church on Sunday and then headed back to Beebe to deliver a little happiness to a lonely duck.  And, they were fast friends.  And, all was happy again back on the pond at the Beebe farm!

Someday, I will have ducks, but not until I have a pond!  They are so fun to watch!  Live long Pepper and Grand! :) 

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