Thursday, January 26, 2017

Baby Chicks on order! :)

Well, I just broke down and did it.  I have stalked the chicken and fowl pages for Arkansas for a year waiting on the breeds that I have been wanting.  Nothing.  Or they are INSANE prices.  I like to raise my ladies from day old chicks, and I like to not take the risk with straight run purchases.  That's what happened when I got the banty's. That's when you don't know if they are girls  or boys.  Remember?  Out of 6 baby chicks, 2 turned out to be hens.  Not good odds.  I have heard of even worse ones.  So, I like to stay away from that.  And, I have really, really, really been wanting to add some egg variety to my flock.  So....this week, yesterday, in fact.  I decided to go ahead and try  Never know until you try.  Right?  The only downside is that you have to order 15 minimum.  I don't have room for 15 more chickens.  So the PLAN is to keep 8 and sell 7.  Provided they all make it here alive. :)
Here is what I got...7 Easter Eggers.  They lay blue, green and sometimes pink eggs.  They all look different, but have the puffy cheeks you see below:
I was able to order 2 blue copper marans.  I have searched and searched for these.  I really wanted black copper marans too, but they were already sold out.  There were only 2 of these left available.  I hope they hatch.  I will be so disappointed.  They are gorgeous birds and lay eggs that look like chocolate!
And lastly, I ordered 6 buff orphington's.  Not as hard to find, but they are rated the #1 chicken.  Supposed to be excellent layers.  Averaging 300 eggs a year.  They are also very pretty in my opinion.  
Now, the goal is to raise them until I am certain I have no roosters.  That way I don't accidently get stuck with a rooster and sell a hen.  Plus, I really want to see the Easter Eggers develop and see what they will look like before I decide who to keep.  Plan is to keep both marans, 2 buff orphingtons and 4 easter eggers.  Sell the rest.  That's adding 8 new chickens.  I have room for by my math, I either need a new coop or we see how we feel about culling 2 of our current girls.  Can I cull?  I don't know.  I have plenty of time to decide.  The new babies arrive the week of March 6th and it will be months before they are ready to move into the big girl coop.  Lots could happen between now and then.

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Vader's Mom said...

Just start on a new coop now. You aren't going to be able to let any of them go! And you know it!!! :)