Saturday, January 21, 2017

Beautiful Day = Get outside and WORK!

It was 72 degrees and beautiful today!  The sun was shining for the first time in days!!  It was like spring in the middle of winter...we took advantage and worked on an eyesore area.  The goats had gotten clean up started where we could get in there and start cutting stuff down.
Today we took this:
To this: (still a little vine clean up to go)
We pulled out several big dead limbs that were caught in all the vines...holy cow, the vines.  I now know how Tarzan swung from vines.  Some of them are so thick and they climb to the top of the trees.  The 4wheeler came in handy today pulling some stuff out of the trees!!
The goats had a BIG day.  First, they were happy their people hung out in their area all day and second, anytime we pulled out vines or branches that had any green on it, they immediately started helping with "clean up!" ha!
 Rex...well...Rex can sleep through ANYTHING!  Chainsaw?  What chainsaw? LOL
 When it came time for a tree removal that half the tree had died...well, the 4wheeler wasn't cutting it.  So we had to bring in the big boy!  Tractor time!
We worked hard with good results, enjoyed our time outside and of course, followed up with a bonfire!  I love a good fire!
The crazy part is that it is the middle of January and we were in short sleeves, no jackets, hair pulled up and sweating!!  It made me ready for spring...but then again, I would like at least one or two more snow days! :)
Relaxing with my boys! :)

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