Thursday, January 26, 2017

Lucky You by Erika Carter

Best thing about this book?  I got a chance to read a book before it was released to the public.  That's the best thing I can say.  This book was torture to finish.  I was intrigued by the Arkansas setting and did enjoy feeling like I was back in college at UofA.  But there really is no story.  The characters are horrible.  None of them are likeable or grow as a character.  This book can be summed up as 3 losers who don't know what to do with themselves after college.  One is a drunk slut.  One is looney tunes crazy.  One is codependent on her boyfriend.  They move to a house in the middle of nowhere and try to live off the land and smoke pot.  End of story.  Worst book I've read in a long time. :(

Summary from
In Erika Carter's fierce and darkly funny debut novel, Lucky You, three women in their early twenties find themselves aimlessly adrift in the Arkansas college town they've stuck around in too long. Ellie, Chloe, and Rachel are friends (sort of), waitresses at the same dive bar. Each is becoming unmoored in her own way: Ellie obliterates all feeling with alcohol and self-destructive acts of sexual promiscuity; Chloe pulls out patches of her hair and struggles to keep incipient mental illness at bay; changeable Rachel has fallen under the sway of a messianic boyfriend with whom she's agreed to live off-grid for a year in order to return to "health", and she asks Ellie and Chloe to join them in "The Project." In a remote, rural house in the Ozarks, nearly undone by boredom and the brewing tension between them, each tries to solve the conundrum of being alive.

By turns funny, knowing and hauntingly sad, Lucky You is a study in damage and detachment, a fearless portrait of three women at a crucial point in their lives. With startling exactitude and wickedly deadpan humor, it lays bare the emotional core of its characters with surgical precision. The writing is deft and controlled, as natural and unforced as breath--which makes it impossible to look away.

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