Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Productive Few Days

When spring like weather comes in the middle of winter, well, it makes it easier to get things done.  We've accomplished quite a bit in the last few days.  FINALLY wrapped things up at the rent house and have it all ready for new renter to move in tomorrow! :)  Saturday, we hauled a trailer load full of junk that had been in the garage and behind the storage shed.  Hello dump!  But first, I decided to clean out the "catch all" shed that looked like this:
And now looks like this:  (All organized except one pile that is Big Bear's to go through...see the suburban seat...enough said.)  
And so now we have a "take it to the dump" pile and a "scrap metal" pile!  I love purging and organizing!!  That was Sunday while Big Bear catered. 
I have also kept the masses happy...a little tug-of-war is good for the soul.
We had a 1st birthday celebration with Snap and Crackle. I tried to give them a pedicure for their birthday, but they only wanted the treats! LOL!
We got our beekeeping papers filled out AND got our first hive of bees ordered.  Woohoo!  They won't arrive until April or first of May so we have time to prepare and get our supplies. 
I saw another farm that had a pig in with their goats...things that make you stop and go hmmmm....
We finally (shame on us...it only took 2 years) got our compost bin moved from the rent house to our house and are already back in business with composting!  
And, I got the little gate built for the chicken run so that when I want to trap them in their run, I can.  They pretty much free range all day, every day, but lately with the drop in egg production, I've been worried they are laying elsewhere and not in their boxes.  So, I think we are going to stay in the run a few days.  They will NOT be happy with me.  
But isn't my door cute?  Cut from a piece of barn wood from my parent's place:

I want to put a sign above it that says "Hen Crossing".
And today, I got 3 eggs!!  I haven't gotten 3 eggs in WEEKS!!!  Maybe the strike is almost over!
I do love the unexpected 60 to 70 degree temps in the middle of winter, but I sure would like at least ONE real snow day.  Just one or two...and then you can bring on spring! :)

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Vader's Mom said...

I walked away from this going... "A pig!" LOL. Seriously, I think you need one!