Friday, January 6, 2017

Snow Day!!

First week back to school from Christmas break and we end it with a snow day!  LOVE IT!!  I love snow days!!  I had let the weather people convince me that this wasn't going to be a big deal and I was going to school, but then during my snooze, I got the BEST call!!  No School due to inclement weather.  Yes!!  
It's the goats first snow.  I was very proud to see them hanging out in their shed.  Of course, as soon as they saw me, they came running to the fence.  What's a mom to do but give them some extra hay on a day like today? :)
Crackle looks like he's smiling! 

It was also Prim's first snow!!  She stayed with us doing morning chores but then came back inside! LOL!  She was playing in it where it was piled up, but it is C.O.L.D. out there!

The chickens aren't having it.  Not coming out from under the coop!
Difference between a heated and non-heated bucket.  LOVE our heated buckets!
It really isn't much or very pretty, but it was enough to have a snow day, so I will take it!  They say more is coming this afternoon...
Friday, January 6th snow 

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