Thursday, February 16, 2017

A good, good day!

What a good day!  First, a BIG praise Jesus...
We have been paying on doctor bills for a full year now for Big Bear's knee.  He started physical therapy this time last year and ended up having surgery in July and then more physical therapy.  Well, we had everyone paid off except the physical therapist.  I have paid them something every month for a year.  Sometimes as much $200 or $300 and sometimes as little as $25.  It just depended on how much was left over after all the other bills got paid and how good of a month we had catering.  Last month, I sent in $100 and thought I had the balance owed down to about $250.  We were getting to the manageable stage...and then, yesterday, I get an updated bill and it somehow jumped back up to $500!?!  What!?!  I asked Big Bear to call them to see what happened and what the extra charges were so I would at least know what I was paying.  They looked at our account and decided we had diligently paid for a year and THEY WERE WIPING OUR ACCOUNT CLEAN.  PAID IN FULL!!!  Praise Jesus!!!!  A big 'ole weight lifted of these shoulders! :)
Now, how else to celebrate than to sit on the church pew on the front porch and pet your chicken? LOL!
And, in garden news...we have 3 rows of onions in and one row of cilantro in the ground.  I think it's a bit early but it's so hard not to think it's spring when it's going to be in the 70's all next week.  And, Big Bear promises that it's ok to plant onions, lettuces and potatoes right now.  Time will tell, I guess.
And, I got SIX eggs today for the SECOND time this week!!! Woohoo!  Goodbye egg slump!
And in case you missed this cuteness I got from a co-worker:
Yep, a good day.  A pretty good week.  
May we now all have a GREAT weekend!  Get outside and enjoy this weather!

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Vader's Mom said...

I adore the fact that I have friends who can say this : "how else to celebrate than to sit on the church pew on the front porch and pet your chicken" LOL!!!!