Monday, February 20, 2017

Afternoon on the Farm :)

Today we got off work at noon (parent conferences), but tomorrow we have to stay late.  So, today I enjoyed my nice afternoon on the farm, but tomorrow I won't get to see my babies at all.  It will be dark when I get home. :(
Once again, I have several pictures of the cuteness that surrounds me daily.  Enjoy an afternoon in pictures:
Katniss got to hang out in the barn this afternoon and be a barn cat!  Progress!

If anyone can handle a little crazy kitten stalking them, it's Bully.  No worries here.
This might just be my favorite winter EVER! ha!
I got the bee area gate built today...only had help with the angles on the back brace. :)
And I got the stand for the bees made.  All FREE from wood found in the barn or shed! Bam!

And then there is this...just a dog chillin' with his ladies. :)
So proud of this one today.  She explored and climbed the tree but didn't get stuck! :)  I plan to start increasing her time outside as long as the weather is nice.  It's hard because I have to "watch" her.  Outside is still too overstimulating for her and her balance is horrible.  

 They are everywhere...and I love it!

Meanwhile...this one...still in the middle of the ladies! LOL!
I hope these pictures make someone smile as much as I did because they were a PAIN to upload!  Either blogger or my computer are having issues tonight, so peace out! :)

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Vader's Mom said...

They made me smile. And laugh!! Thank you for taking the time to do it.

So Bubba Bear is the cat whisperer & Rex must be the chicken whisperer.