Monday, February 6, 2017

Birthday Week Monday :)

Remember how I said my dad went ahead and hung the new gate, so now we have a double gate to help make driving through with the camper a little easier AND now the donkeys can be blocked from free run.  Today was the first day.
This was "the look" I got when I opened the gate for them when I got home.  LOL!
Then we took a walk in the backwoods to make sure all was well back there and check the fence lines.  
One thing I love about Prim is that she is like a dog and just follows you everywhere.  
On walks with no leash and no complete fence line along the back, poor Bubba Bear has to be left at home because he doesn't mind.  Rex is iffy, but we decided to let him try.  He did pretty good.  
 And, then, the ladies decided since it's my birthday week, they would show out and give me FOUR eggs!!  First time in WEEKS!! :)