Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Let the fun begin!  Every year I save one of my personal days for my birthday, because I feel like your birthday should be a fun day, not a work day. :)  And, it was a fun day.  First of all, I got to sleep in!  7 am instead of 5:30 am is a big deal for a NON-morning person! :)  Then, Big Bear cooked my absolute favorite breakfast, his breakfast tacos!! Oh, SO GOOD!  
Plus, when I went outside to feed the donkeys, I noticed something on the driveway gate.  Two of my friends decided to sneak over last night and decorate the gate a little.  How fun is that!?!  It got my day off to a smiling start! 
We spent the day junkin' and I scored this AWESOME rocker for the front porch!  It's perfection in my opinion!! I've been looking and looking every time we went to flea markets for one and as soon as I rounded the corner and saw this, I knew it was the one, and then saw the price, I said, "That is MY rocker!"
A fun flea market find...look at this door mat! LOL!

Of course, no birthday would be complete without a Barnes & Noble I scored two new releases along with a bargain book (only $5.50 for the hardcover Greg Iles book!!).  

This was my view after I got home and set my new rocker on the front porch:
(I'm pretty sure he's saying, "As soon as you get up, I'm going to chew on that chair."  Urgh!
And, then there is Bubba Bear...
We play hard, and we crash hard!

I don't know how I turned 44 sure doesn't seem like I should be 44!!  I don't feel like I've been an adult that long, but somehow the years have flown by.  Some better than others, but all of them are my story.  I'm just happy to be in a happy season right now.  Life is good.  I am content and at peace and am grateful for my blessings.  I am grateful for my struggles too, because they helped make me stronger and shaped me into the person I am today.  My prayer is that people can see God in my life and in my journey and know that He alone is the reason I can find joy in each and every high and low of life.
"In Christ Alone my HOPE is found.  He is my light, my strength, my song."

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