Sunday, February 5, 2017

Look out! It's my birthday WEEK! :)

My birthday week officially started today.  My parents showed up with a trailer FULL of hay!  Look carefully to see who thinks it's their birthday! LOL!
I do love having a family day at our place.  I like being able to show my mom something I've done or built and let's face it, my dad is a handy man like no one else I know.  So a day with him around means getting advice on how to go about your next project or him just getting stuff done.  :)
For example, the donkeys better enjoy stealing the hay while they can because after it was unloaded, we went to TSC to get a gate to block them from the yard when needed.  Meaning no more free roaming where ever and whenever they want.  They are NOT going to be happy tomorrow!  I thought we were just picking up the gate, but my dad went ahead and installed it before he left.  That's how he rolls.
Kind of like, I asked for 10 more bales of hay and got 20! LOL!  Awesomeness!
It's going to be a good week!  It's off to a great start!!  Family time, winter hay and all stored in the barn with help!!!, and project done!  Success!