Sunday, February 26, 2017

Quiet Weekend

Friday was still spring-like weather so we were all in the barn getting it cleaned up and re-organized.  Katniss has been doing so good on these nice days going outside. :) 
We just had a regular 'ole hen party at the barn Friday night. 

Now the rest of the weekend decided to let winter show up.  I had to actually hunt up my gloves and hat Saturday morning.  But the cold temps kept me inside and I actually got the house cleaned Saturday morning. :)
But then it was time for outside with the furbabies.
Because I had a project I really wanted to work on...getting the chicken stall in barn ready for...yep!  Baby chicks!!! Their ship date is a week from Monday!
In getting the chicken stall ready, I move all the hay across the barn to a different stall. Simply because I want zero hay or straw anywhere near the chicken heat lamp.  Heat lamps and straw/hay are a big barn fire hazard.  I guess there was something the chickens liked about the new area for the straw and hay because yesterday I found 3 eggs in the straw and today I found these two in the hay stack! LOL!
It's going to be a busy week so I'm taking it easy today while the hubby is on the golf course. :)

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