Saturday, February 18, 2017

Weekend so far...

The weekend started Friday afternoon to beautiful weather and so I let the "indoor cats" out to get some fresh air and was rewarded by Katniss getting stuck up a tree for nearly 2 hours.  Look at her with her balance issues up WAY HIGH in that dang tree!
She didn't fall out of it.  Almost did, but she caught herself with her claws.  In the end, her fat sister, Ruby Rue went and sat under the tree and she figured out how to climb down to her. Who knew?!?  Maybe they like each other after all!
 Today's adventures included a trip to go hit a few flea markets with my mom.  (Love her being so close now!)  And, one flea market is an outdoor market with chickens, ducks, peacocks, rabbits, goats, pretty much name it, they have it.  Today this cutie was there.  SO CUTE!!!!  Had it been the start of my summer vacation and I could have bottle fed her everyday, I would have brought her home!  
Good thing, I didn't spend all that money on a goat, because once we got home, Big Bear's vehicle broke down on his way home from grocery store.  It had to be towed to the shop.  I guess we figure out the fate of that adventure on Monday. :(  Praying for a "no big deal".  We need to stay with NO car payments for at least 3 more years.  
What to do when life throws you a lemon?  Hang out with the chickens...
 And the donkeys :)
Now, I didn't bring home a baby goat today, but I did bring home a new bird house.  We had it leaned up in the corner of the fence and then noticed several blue birds going in and out of it, so we hustled to get it set in the ground so they could build without us disturbing them.
Love it!!!
Build away blue birds!  Build away!
Oh, and Big Bear bought a juicer, so for dinner we had fresh squeezed orange juice with fresh eggs!
Aside from the broken down vehicle, a great day!  I am loving this Spring Winter we are having and next week is in the 70's all week!  Yeehaw!

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Vader's Mom said...

Fresh OJ & Eggs. That sounds amazing!!!