Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Baby chicks are HERE!

Lots of people asked how in the world chickens came in the mail...this was my first rodeo ordering chickens, so I did some research and documented for all our inquiring minds.  Here's the answer:
Benefit of ordering online is you get the chicken breeds you want instead of whatever the feed store orders.  Also, the feed stores get theirs through the mail so why not just mail directly to your house?  I went to the post office the week before to talk to them and let them know they were coming.  They already had a procedure in place because this wasn't their first rodeo!  They get live chicks and even bees all the time! puts your phone number on the box and as soon as they arrive at the post office, they call you to come pick up.  These babies arrived at 6:35 am this morning and by 6:45 am, they had called me.  Of course, I had already checked the tracking number and was gathering my stuff to head out! LOL!  
These babies started out in Ohio at 9 am on Monday morning and arrived here at 6:30 am Wednesday. How can they survive without food and water that long?  Good question!  The reason they ship day old chickens is because as chickens hatch, they have just eaten the last of the yolk inside the egg.  They are made to live off that nourishment for 3 days to allow time for their momma to hatch the rest of eggs she is sitting on.  Just listen to them...happy sound!

The minimum order must be 15 so they can ship and maintain body heat.  You can see they were packed in a small box with straw that also had heating pads under it so they had warmth covered and nourishment covered from the yolk.  I did fully expect to lose one or two in transit but all arrived alive and well. :)
There were two of these little heating pads under the straw.  

The only "mistake" is that I got 6 easter eggers and 7 buff orphingtons and it was supposed to be 7 easter eggers and 6 buff orphingtons.  But, I'm not even reporting it, because it's only a 30 cent difference and it helps my decision on who gets to stay and who gets sold. :)  Now, we just wait to see who thrives.  I plan to keep all until at least 16 weeks old so I make sure I have no roosters.  Then, at this point, if all live, I will keep all the easter eggers (6), blue copper marans (2), and 2 buff orphingtons.  Then, I will sell the other 5 buff orphingtons.  
I am supposed to report to mypetchicken if any turn out to be roosters for a refund.  I can honestly say, I did a live chat with them the day I ordered as well as the day the chicks shipped, they are super friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with.  I will no longer go the feed store route.  I'm officially a chicken snob and will go with so I can get the breeds I want. :)
And, yes, they are inside the house in my craft room until the chicken nursery is done so all CATS will be kept OUT!

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