Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Birthday Wishes!

When you get a phone call from your neighbor that all her daughter wants for her 4th birthday is a real unicorn at her party...well...you do what you can to help! LOL!  Enter, Pop the goat as "Sparkle the Unicorn"!
He made it so easy!  Honestly the hardest part was finding a unicorn horn that would work.  The morning of the party, we started an hour early getting him ready but it turned out to be so easy that we did a lot of standing around going "now what?"
First we painted him pink.  It takes about 3 cans of the hair spray paint by the way. :)
I think below is with 2 cans and then we added another later on.  Yes, my hubby is a GOOD sport! :)
Then we added the tutu.  Again, he made it easy as pie.  Stepped right into it.  And, only tried to eat it once! ha!
After that, throw on beads and the horn and presto!  You have a unicorn.  And what self-respecting elementary librarian doesn't just happen to have a princess outfit in her closet? :)
Ok, Evy...birthday wishes can come true!  Here we come!
 He was a HIT!  The adults were amazed at how good he was and how we got him pink! ha!  The kids were fascinated with petting him and watching him.  He is such a ham that he just ate it up!  I really couldn't have paid him to be any better.  He was perfect!
He gave troll rides! LOL!
He ate unicorn treats!

He danced! LOL!
It was a fun afternoon.  Lot of laughter.  
Keep in mind, this is the house right next door, so you should have seen the looks when we were walking there from the cars passing us! LOL!  Good times!
Unfortunately we have no truck or trailer for Sparkle to travel in or I could see a real future in this! LOL!

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