Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Chicken Drama

A friend called Monday (still upset) because their german shephard puppy had gotten one of their last two chickens.  Now they only had one hen and they are in the middle of moving and she couldn't go get new babies or friends for her.  Could I please take her?  Now what is the crazy chicken lady going to say except "of course!" LOL!
Introducing Lady, a barred rock.  Now, I did offer to either take her forever or take her until they got their new place set up for chickens.  Because if it were me, I would want my lady back. :)
Now introducing a full grown chicken into an established flock is a work of art...and patience.  So for now while my ladies are free ranging, she is in the crate.  I throw scratch grains all around her cage so they can all eat close together.  And Rex, has taken to being her body guard!
Yesterday I did let her out in the backyard for awhile since my ladies were out roaming.  And it was then I figured out she was injured.  So, I think she narrowly escaped the puppy herself.  She has an injured leg.  See how she holds up her right leg? (And, yes it has green on it.  I marked her so I can hopefully one day in the next few months send her home.)  
Now, an injured chicken is just fresh meat for an established flock, so this is going to be a tricky process.  I honestly may just keep her in the barn and backyard and then when the babies are a bit older put her with the 5 buffs that aren't staying here...boom!  My friend could have an instant flock when they get set up! :)
 Wish me luck and a speedy recovery for Lady, the barred rock.

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