Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Chicken Nursery

I get on Pinterest and then I get these ideas...that sometimes actually turn into projects! LOL!
I have wanted to convert one of the barn stalls into a chicken area for awhile.  I finally took the leap.  The "nursery" for my baby chicks each spring (because let's face it, I'm getting babies each spring! LOL!), takes up about 1/4 of the stall.  The rest is my tack room.  Why?  Because we have no garage and our tack room is our only storage, so it is full.
 Once we finally got started, it didn't take anytime.  I pulled up the stall mats and leveled out the ground.  I put some chicken wire down on the outside walls at the ground level to keep critters from digging in and then covered it with a new layer of dirt.  After that, it was time to frame!
I asked a friend at church with a flea market booth if he had an old screen door I could use.  He didn't but said he'd build me one in exchange for some fresh eggs.  Deal.  Now, I was expecting a simple door made out of scrap pieces.  Instead, I got this awesomeness!!!
 I debated on how to paint the door because I felt it was so awesome that I didn't want to mess it up.  I went with a yellow and made the chicken red so it would kind of "pop".  Plus, I was working on a budget and those were paint colors I already had! LOL!

 Next I used some scrap "walls" from building the chicken coop to go around about 3 feet high.  I painted them the same red as the chicken.
Then, it was just adding hardware cloth.  That was probably the most expensive part of the project.  But I don't like chicken wire...it's too flimsy, so I felt it was worth it in the end to go with the better product for strength and for looks. :)
And tada...basically finished!

Happy Anniversary to me!  (Because Sunday was my 8 year anniversary and this is all I wanted! Ha!)

I went ahead and put a temporary wall in the middle for now.  The baby chicks are only two weeks old and I will keep their space smaller for now and let them grow into the full space.  (The full space is about 6 ft by 6 ft.)
 Basically I just divided it in half for them for now.

Yesterday, I only had to go get a latch for the door and then it was move in day!  Out of the tub and into the nursery!
Now they are in the barn and out of my spare bedroom...thank goodness! LOL!
This just makes me happy, happy, happy!  
Eventually we will put a loft above it for storage, but for now, it is done and it only cost about $100 plus some fresh eggs for the door!  Score!
Why did I go to all this trouble when my other 3 batches of babies survived this space with just some temporary walls thrown up.  Well...now we have outside cats and a neighbors cat that comes to "hunt" in the barn.  So...I wanted them safe!
As predator proof as we could make it! :)

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