Thursday, March 2, 2017

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Dr. Seuss Day at school is one of my favorite (and most exhausting) days!  I love it!  This year was AWESOME!  All my volunteers showed up and on time and every single classroom had a reader.  Some even had two!  I absolutely could not pull off event days like today without my library helpers!  They are the BOMB!
It was crazy hat day for 3rd - 5th and PJ day for PreK - 2nd.  Hence the crazy hats from my helpers! :)
I love, love, love my volunteer readers!  What better way to bless your day than to read to children? :)
My goal is to one day have a Dr. Seuss shirt for each day of the week of his birthday! LOL!  Right now, I have 3...only 2 to go!
My library helpers walk readers to their classrooms. 
I really love how my church peeps enjoy Dr. Seuss day with me!  Look at all my church people volunteering...and there were two more off in classrooms reading!  Yay!
Big Bear reading to a 2nd grade class!! LOVE!
The winning door for the door decorating contest:
The honorable mention chosen by the library helpers:
PJ Day!!!!
And, big thanks to my best supporter to keeps my stress level down on days like today...Big Bear! :)

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