Thursday, March 23, 2017

Katniss Update :)

Remember way back in September when we tried to escape for the weekend and got the call from our awesome house/farm sitter that Katniss was on death's door.  We rushed home the next morning and off to the emergency vet we went.  In the end, they diagnosed her with vestibular disease and it was a long haul to get this precious girl well. Our little barn cat was not supposed to be outside according to the vet.  It was too dangerous for her.  And it was.  She got confused outside and had no balance whatsoever.
She took to the comforts of inside pretty quickly. :)
Finally, the weather has been nice.  Her balance is mucho better and she has been spending the days outside with us.  We just prop the screen door open with a shoe so she can run back inside if she needs to, and she pretty much sticks to the front porch or barn area, but she is loving the fresh air and outdoors.  And, it makes me smile to see her outside.  So far, it's only supervised outside time but maybe someday she can be like Prim and come and go as she pleases. :)

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