Sunday, March 26, 2017

New Chicken Coop!!!

It was a 2 hour drive to get it and a 2 hour drive back, but worth it in my opinion.  We love road trips and the Arkansas scenery heading towards Harrison is beautiful.  Once we got home, I picked my spot in the backyard for now.  It may move over by the other coop later when the littles are big girls. 
The two teenage boys who loaded it for us said the trick was putting a pipe of some kind under it and rolling it.  They weren't kidding!! We tried moving it first without and where I pushed, it wasn't budging.  These pipes made it easy breezy.
Here is the side view...I ended up getting the smaller coop (4ft. by 3ft) for $475 rather than the big daddy for $995.  This with the big coop Big Bear built me should be plenty. LOL!

Gutter over the door...
Inside...smells like a cedar chest....for now! LOL!
 4 nesting boxes...
 Front view:
 Lift lid to collect eggs:
 The only improvement or predator proofing I will need to add is covering the screen of the window with hardware cloth.  Easy because I have some left over from the chicken nursery.  A raccoon or opposum will rip right through a screen and I want to leave the window open for ventilation.
 Chicken door on other side:
 Open during day and closed at night! :)
Now, I'm still trying to decide just how many of my littles to keep....but I have until end of June to decide. :)

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