Sunday, March 12, 2017

What to do on a cold, dreary day?

Well, you spend a lot of time alternating between reading and watching your baby chicks! LOL!  These cute days don't last long enough, so you must ooohhh and awwww while you can!  Look closely...see those wing feathers already starting to come in!! :)
 And why not have a little "photo shoot" session!?!  That's what any sane crazy chicken lady would do!  Right? :)
My little buff orphingtons above...can you tell how the one on the left is almost white instead of yellow?  I wonder how that will turn out when her feathers start coming in.
My little Easter Eggers fascinates me that they all look different. 
And, last, but not least, my little blue copper marans.  
(My footstool only got poop on it one time in the photo making process! LOL!)
 I mean, everyone has their baby chicks inside when the temps are expected to be below freezing, right?
Stupid, crazy weather!  I even had to cover broccoli plants yesterday.  It has been near 80 degrees for WEEKS and suddenly, on the 11th of March, a week before Spring Break, we are getting SNOW and freezing temps?!?  Seriously!!  
Please, please, let Spring Break be beautiful weather.  That is all.
5 more work days and then 9 days off!

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