Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bee Day!

Big Bear was so nervous and excited to get his bees yesterday that he literally spent ALL day at Bee Day out at Bemis Bee Farm.
Every hour on the hour was a different set of presentations.  LOTS of knowledge to be shared and had on beekeeping.
Here are all the nucs lined up to go to homes at 4:30 pm. 
 Luckily, he has a friend from church starting out in the bee business at the same time, so he has someone to go to all this stuff brain can't hold all the information needed for bees. LOL!
And I adore his wife and daughter (who I taught in Sunday School for 2 years), so we stopped in to have lunch and go to ONE class.  Not stay all day! :)
He got home later in the afternoon and of course it was raining, but the bees must still be released into their new home.  So...we started preparing!
The wax frames in the deep box:
Getting the smoker ready to smoke the bees to calm them:
 Spraying each wax frame with sugar water to entice the bees...
And, this is the part where I back Waaaay up! LOL!
Looking for the queen:
Going in their new home:
Adding the sugar water to the top feeder:
And all we hope for the best!
My beekeeper...look at his bees on his jacket! :)

We have an estimated 30,000 Russian honeybees.  Start up costs were about $520. (Not near the start up for chickens! ha!) Day 1 went well and all looks good so far.  No stings to date! LOL!

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