Sunday, April 9, 2017

Day of Rest

It's so hard NOT to nap on Sunday why fight it! :)  Today, Miss Katniss was my adorable napping buddy.  
After our afternoon nap, we made sure everyone got their scratches and momma love.  Get in line! 
Pop says "I don't think so! That's MY momma!"
 It could get interesting when the new goat shows up...Pop thinks he is #1.  Well, because he is but still...hope he likes the new guy!
I also started a new "project" today...stay tuned for the reveal.  Should be finished by end of the week.  Gotta wait on pay day for a few items!
 I also got the new goat mineral out.  Pop is loosing hair around his neck and ears.  It could be rain rot (got some anti-fungal spray just in case) and it could be a mineral deficiency.  So after a little research I figured out that goats sometimes do better on the loose grain minerals rather than the block mineral.  So, we are trying that.  We might be on to something because they aren't supposed to like it and only eat it as needed.  They were all three eating away! Hmmm....
 One thing about a hobby farm is you learn something every day.  You are constantly problem-solving, doing projects and figuring things out.  We like to think it keeps us young. :)

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