Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Fixed It!

 There are always adventures around here and Sunday was a rainy day.  My hubby is so good on rainy days to volunteer to do the farm chores.  So, picture this...I'm on the couch all comfy under a blanket and lost in a book...Big Bear goes out to do the chores.  He goes in the chicken nursery and lets the door close behind him.  And, just like that, he's locked in. He was locked in there for over 30 minutes yelling for help, but I never heard him.  Eventually, he gave up and climbed over.  So, now we know the nursery is STURDY and can hold the weight of a Big Bear scaling the walls!  There was only minor damage to the hardware cloth above the door and he did break the camping chair he landed in from 7 feet in the air!  But...no worries...it won't happen again.  The latch before:
I drilled a small hole above it:
Tied some twine to the latch and fed it through the hole.  Tied a big knot on other side so it won't slip through and presto!  If the door closes behind you now, you won't get stuck.  My baby chickens were traumatized! But no chickens were harmed in this (mis)adventure!
Those wall are TALL and sturdy! Heehee!

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