Monday, April 17, 2017

How to Make a Pond out of Galvanized Tub

1. Level the ground under the tub.  Make sure level from front to back and side to side.  I used a pick axe and and "drew" a line around perimeter then dug out and moved dirt, then put tub back in the spot to see if I was level.  Repeat until level all around.
2. After I was level, I put a bunch of rocks in the bottom that I found laying around.  And, put two landscape bricks in the middle to build up a spot for the pump.  At this point, I have spent zero dollars because this water trough has sat unused since we moved in.  The donkeys refuse to drink out of it. :)

3. Fill with water.  Periodically checking that you are staying level as you add water.
4. Let water sit for a few days to get chlorine out.  
5. Add pond pump (about $100).  Then, hide electrical wires. I used a log behind the tub and then ran the wire under the siding to the plug in.  I will bury the line that goes across the dirt.
5. Add a few water plants (about $17).  I got one tall one and one that floats on top and will spread.  I put a tall block on one end of tub to make a shelf for the tall plant to sit on.
6.  Add goldfish.  I added 6 to see how it goes first. :)  ($12)

And presto!  A pond that required NO DIGGING! 
Cost for me was only $130 because I used mostly things I already had going unused and put them to a new use. :)
And, those donkeys that refused to drink out of it before...well, you know what happened...of course they are drinking out of it now! LOL!
Here they are running off! Busted!
I did discover in my research for this that if you have the big horse/cattle water troughs, it is actually recommended to add goldfish to them to help keep algae down.  Interesting...

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