Monday, April 24, 2017

Just another Monday on the Farm

Today was one of those afternoons where everywhere I looked was a beautiful or cute moment!  
These two got some halter training...I'm determined this time!  Still don't have a halter that's not as easy as you think!
Checked on the bees...all good there!  Day 2 and good activity! :)
Enjoyed watching these two play together OUTSIDE!  Katniss is doing great!
This afternoon was mainly "goat spa" time!  
Time to trim up hooves...some are easier than others!! LOL!  Poor Crackle, we have to make him pass out and then do his when his feet are in the air! LOL!
LOVE these two!!  LOVE!
We also removed ear tags today.  Look at those cute tag-free basset hound ears!!  Adorable!!!
Crackle forgave us!  I promise he is smiling in this picture...look at him!  With his little beard!
How do you reward a goat for letting you do their feet?  You hold down a fresh branch from a tree and let them "go to town".  Haha!
You see those donkeys in the background drinking out of my pond that they wouldn't use UNTIL I turned it into a pond?!?  Those two...

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