Sunday, April 16, 2017

Lots of little blessings :)

Lots can happen in just a few days! :)
Thursday night, I visited a farm and got to meet baby goats!!!  Let me tell you, pictures do NOT do them justice for how cute or how small they are!!  This is the family that gave us Pop and Cap'n don't be surprised if this little fella ends up here one day! LOL!
They were simply adorable!!
Friday, I finished up a project that I started on last weekend.  My new pond!  I have had a backyard pond at the past two houses I have lived in.  Our previous house is now a rent house for us and I went over to help the new renter get the pond going and it made me miss having I took to Pinterest and found this idea.  I had a horse trough just going to waste because the donkeys wouldn't use it.  So, presto!  (More on the how to later)
We now have 6 goldfish too! :)
Saturday, I was able to visit another farm.  Loving these connections I'm making!  This farm has great danes and miniature horses!!  LOVE!! My favorite is the chunky grey one named Pickles!!
While I was farm hopping, Big Bear was in all-day beekeeping class.  He came home totally pumped about our next adventure.  (more on that to come too!)
We've been working today on the finishing touches to the bee area.  Trying to kill off grass before they get here so we don't have to weedeat or mow by them!  Apparently that ticks them off! LOL!  Can't have angry bees!  
We also decided on an electric fence to keep the donkeys away from the hives.  Big Bear's sister gave us one recently and we think it just might do the trick!
It's another busy week ahead...and then the bees come!  At that point, I will just lose count of how many critters we have! LOL!

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