Monday, April 10, 2017

Meet Cap'n Crunch!

The newest Benson has arrived!  Yay!  He is from the same family we got Pop from!  Look at that baby face!
His show goat days are behind him now and he is officially in retirement to live out his days on the farm.  His brother, Pop, who retired last year finally has someone his own size!! 
 This is their first momma and she was happy to see both of her boys getting to live together and know they were in a good, loving home. 

It was a stormy, rainy late afternoon but he seems to be fitting right in....with a few head butts from Pop!
And, we officially have a full goat house! LOL!
I bribed them with hay to get out of the rain!
Gotcha Day for Sampson, now Cap'n Crunch ~ April 10, 2017

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