Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I did it!

I know you can't believe it either ... but remember how I HAD to order a minimum of 15 chickens from  And everyone thought I'd keep them all!?!  Well, these 5 went to their new home yesterday! I did it!
How was I able to do it?  1) I don't want a bunch of chickens the same age.  As they get older, egg production drops.  I need to vary ages.  2) I don't like white chickens and one was white! ha! 3) I purposely over ordered Buff orphington's because I knew I only wanted a few of those. My main goal was egg color variety and they give the nice normal brown egg. 4) That big black one is a rooster.  We are hens only.  
Luckily, we have some friends that just moved to the country and bought 8 acres.  Hello farm warming gift!  Instant flock and bonus, they wanted a rooster.  He is already named Big Buck and he's going to be a looker!  
Good news is I still get to keep tabs on them.  :)
So, how many chickens does this crazy chicken lady have now?  
Originals: 4
Bantys: 2
2nd spring flock: 6
And now 10 littles
Total: 22  (only 12 are laying right now...imagine about end of July!!!)

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