Monday, May 1, 2017

Moving Day for the Littles!

 Here's what I've learned...15 baby chicks is A LOT of baby chicks!  They eat a lot and poop a lot! LOL!  So...since there are so many of them, I decided it was time to go ahead and move them on out of the nursery.  Let's get outside and get some sunshine!
First I rigged up a temporary fence around their coop...and then the fun began!

I had to catch them ONE at a time...15 times back and forth! LOL!
I started them off inside the coop thinking that would help them to know where the coop was and that their food supply was in there.  Then maybe they would think of it as their safe place and go up in it at dusk.  It was wishful thinking. 
 After I finally caught all of them and had them in the coop for a few minutes all together, I opened the chicken door and sprinkled scratch grains down the ladder for them to follow...
It took several minutes for one to be brave enough, but finally a buff orphington lead the way!
After one broke the ice, it was only a matter time and they all discovered sunshine, scratch grains, grass and a little freedom!
Then, I gave the big girls some scratch beside the littles pen.  We will eat along side each other like this for a long time.
I realized that's a bunch of chickens! LOL!
I am still going back and forth on a few of them as to "who is staying" and "who is going"...I have a few weeks left for final decisions! 

That was our excitement on Sunday...that and the fact that I decided to do this on a day when we had company coming over at 6 pm for dinner! LOL!  But in my defense, I had cleaned house the day before.  I was ready. 

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