Monday, May 8, 2017


This weekend we were busy bees! :) I spent Saturday flea marketing with two girlfriends and then we went to dinner Saturday night at our "bee" friends house to inspect and compare their hives. 
After a full day Saturday, we went to another friends house on Sunday that are moving to the country and helped them set up a temporary area for their chickens until they have time to build a coop.  This was an all day task of trying to build an area using things we could find laying around.  The coop is actually a dog house (I should've gotten a picture!).  In making this area, Lady got to go back home.  She was with us for 7 weeks and never laid an egg! LOL!

In other news, so far NO more predators.  All ladies are accounted for and today had a regular ole hen party!
Rex decided he would be the "beekeeper" of the sugar water lid for the bee feeder! He licked that bad boy clean! LOL!
I need to mow the chicken run (because they are rarely in it to keep it worked down) but I can't fit the mower in there, so....
Not surprisingly, Bubba Bear identifies most with the goats...:)
 Farm randomness...

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