Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Another Chicken Project!

Today was the day we moved the little's chicken coop to its permanent spot in the chicken pen...did I mention, I also decided to extend the chicken pen while we were at it? I thought we could whip this project in no time.  (3 1/2 hours later...we were done!)
The temporary spot in the backyard where they have been:
First step, catch all 10 chickens!  But I was smart and said, "Let's start FIRST thing in the morning before I let them out of the coop so I can catch them in a small space."  Bingo!  Chickens were given water and a shady spot to wait out the set up of their new home!
Next, take down temporary fence that I had up with zip ties! :-)
Hook up the coop with chains to 4-wheeler.  Pray it works!
It DID!!  I drove the coop from our backyard all the way around the front yard, through the goat pen and into the new area!!  Woohoo!!  The bottom of the coop is set on what looks like gliders.
Set T-posts...this time we set one extra because the last time we had two and the goats rub on it constantly.  
Always trying to outsmart somebody around here!  The goats were busting the fence from the post before so we tried to put reinforcement over the fence to help it hold up against that goat weight scratching! LOL!
For the first hour and half everyone stayed a good distance away.  Unsure of what was happening.  But we took too long and soon the helpers ARRIVED!  And, they arrived about the time our patience had worn out! Ha!
Fence up, level up coop, and then I put a temporary fence up between the little's new area and the big girls area.  They have been looking at each other through a fence for two months but now the little's are in the big girl's territory.  Game changer!  
And, then the helpers just went too far!  
Seriously?  The whole box!!  
I persevered! Next step, clean out coop and move food and water over.  Almost ready!!
And, then a big girl got in the little's coop and two more got in the wheelbarrow and almost had it tipped over before I caught it.  At this point, I think I lost it and said some bad words!!!
But even with all the "help", it finally got finished and we were able to release the little's into their permanent home space. They have much more shade and grass and were happily scratching and eating bugs in no time.
Their fluffy butts are happy!!
And for the next two weeks, they will eat scratch right next to each other (big's and little's).  Then, in two weeks the little's will get to free range with the big's.  And, I predict a few weeks after that, we will be getting some gorgeous colored eggs! :)
Look at all those pretty chickens! :)

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