Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Sisters Chase by Sarah Healy

This is a tough one to review.  If I give a book 5 stars, that means you MUST READ it, a 4 means you should really read this book, 3 means it was ok and 2 usually means I hated it.  This one would fall into the 3.5 category.  It was good.  I enjoyed the story, but you won't be missing out on a must-read if you skip it.  Does that make sense?  I was never bored even though I did predict the "twist".  That ending though...I do wish for a happy ending, but that's not always real life either.   I have to let you read the summary on this one and decide for yourself if you want to pick it up.  It was one of my two Book of the Month Club picks for June. :)

Summary from
The hardscrabble Chase women—Mary, Hannah, and their mother Diane—have been eking out a living running a tiny seaside motel that has been in the family for generations, inviting trouble into their lives for just as long. Eighteen-year-old Mary Chase is a force of nature: passionate, beautiful, and free-spirited. Her much younger sister, Hannah, whom Mary affectionately calls “Bunny,” is imaginative, her head full of the stories of princesses and adventures that Mary tells to give her a safe emotional place in the middle of their troubled world.

But when Diane dies in a car accident, Mary discovers the motel is worth less than the back taxes they owe. With few options, Mary’s finely tuned instincts for survival kick in. As the sisters begin a cross-country journey in search of a better life, she will stop at nothing to protect Hannah. But Mary wants to protect herself, too, for the secrets she promised she would never tell—but now may be forced to reveal—hold the weight of unbearable loss. Vivid and suspenseful, The Sisters Chase is a whirlwind page-turner about the extreme lengths one family will go to find—and hold onto—love.

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