Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Today's Adventures...

Today was very productive!  I hit the ground running!  By noon, I had all the gutters cleaned out and the entire house power washed.  For a small glimpse into the satisfaction of power washing, I give you a little before (top) and after (bottom):
As I was busting it outside, this was going on inside:
This afternoon, I made the decision to go ahead and pass my Banty chickens on to another farm.  They constantly go broody and none of my other chickens do.  This time Minnie was NOT breaking it either no matter how long I put her in "chicken jail."  So...I decided a win-win would be letting them go live on a farm with a rooster so they could actually achieve their dreams of being a mom.  We have no rooster here so those eggs they were determined to hatch, just were never going to! :)  Make me proud Cotton and Minnie and be good mom's!  (Yes, I was a little sad, but ultimately I felt it was best all around and that gave me peace.)  No more banty's here - only big chickens allowed! 

And, this girl, Elly May!  Please note she REFUSED to drink out of this trough UNTIL I made it a goldfish pond! LOL!

I also took time to just enjoy the scenery today! :)  
There is beauty everywhere!

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