Saturday, June 10, 2017

Week 1 Successful Summer Break!

Week 1 is in the books and I have been a busy bee!
- cleaned & organized barn
-installed shelving in tack room
-cleaned out gutters
-power washed house
-power washed camper
-cleaned inside of camper
-rehomed banty chickens
-helped find 2 other chickens find new home
-made a new front porch sign
-painted table on front porch
-played bunko for first time! :)
-organized scrapbook desk
-helped Big Bear cater
-caught up on business books
New front porch area - the star was my bunko prize and I made the sign this week
finally got my little table painted red :)
Big Bear has been a fish frying machine!
Getting her ready to come out of the "winter storage"...
And still had time to hang out with my awesome goats! :-)  

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