Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 3 of Summer Break!

This week was relatively quiet...only ONE major chore. :)
Cross the following off the list:
*Garden weeded
*Started collecting some yummy's
*Sunday was Father's Day and we went to the lake to see my brother's new lake cabin with my parents.  Awesome place!! It was raining though, so no pictures.
*Moved the little's to their new area in the chicken run
*Extended chicken run further into goat area
*Put up temporary fence to keep big's and little's separated for one more week
*Wednesday, my dad had surgery and I sat at hospital with my mom ALL day!  
*Had a job interview
*Lunch with old friends
*Bubba Bear turned 5!!  5!!!!  How does time fly like that!?!
*Friday  I had a professional development meeting all day! (only one all summer!)
I had intentions of sitting home at least two days and doing nothing.  I haven't accomplished that yet.  But maybe this week! :)

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