Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A night on the farm

Yesterday was a full day and the best way to relax is to just sit back and appreciate.  
Cap'n Crunch has been limping since Friday and today was the day to decide if we were going to the vet, but he is better.  Only limping now if he starts running.  I'm pretty sure he just got rammed too hard by one of his brothers.  I love these two!!
As we were sitting in the glider enjoying our furbabies, 3 men on horses rode by.  NOT something you see everyday around here.  We look like we are in the country but really we are just one of 4 houses with land before a ton of neighborhoods start, so our road is really busy.  Horses aren't something we have ever seen until today and the donkeys were on full alert!
We managed to get the yard mowed and the pasture bush hogged before the 110 heat indexes of later in the week.  Looks so good freshly mowed. :)
Enjoy the little moments! :)
Now...I gotta go clean the chicken coops!

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