Sunday, July 9, 2017

Birthday Camping :)

We did a little mid-week camping this week for Big Bear's birthday.  We headed out Wednesday and came back Friday, so we basically had our weekend in the middle of the week.
This trip will always be remembered because it started out almost disastrous.  We were unhooking the camper (always makes me nervous anyway) and we were in a very unlevel spot that slopped toward the back.  So....Kevin sets the front bar (whatever its called) on the big board and has the camper rolled up to get off the hitch.  Then, gets in his vehicle to move forward and realizes his suburban is overheating.  So, he drives off to let it cool down. (circulate air)  I notice as he pulls away that a) my cell phone is in his car b) I sat his cell phone on the back bumper c) the big board at the front of the camper doesn't look right.  Looks tilted, unsteady.  I sit down with Bubba Bear and wait for him to return.  It's all I can do.  Luckily I noticed the camper didn't look right and didn't go inside it.  As soon as he got back, I said check the back bumper for your phone.  Bingo!  There is was - no damage done.  I then pointed out the big board (block) and how unsteady it looked.  He agreed as we went to try and fix it, it started tilting and we knew the camper was about to fall off of it. And it did.  Imagine 10,000 pounds falling and rolling backward!!!!!  SCARY!!!!!  One of the chaulks was crushed.  But, we were able to get it back on the vehicle (with me standing on the hitch for it to go low enough to go under the hitch on the camper!!!).  No damage was done except the crushed chaulk.  We sat it up on our unlevel spot that we will NEVER visit again.  And we praised Jesus A LOT!  
Look at that view because it's the last time you see it! LOL!  Not camping here again! 
This is how Bubba and I relaxed!
Not quite the swimmer his sister is! LOL!
 BBQ nachos was the winning meal! 
After a rough start, it did turn out to be a good trip.  We hit a few flea markets, explored, watched some old movies, played Gin Rummy and relaxed.
July 5th - July 7th - Arlie Moore #86 

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