Thursday, July 27, 2017

Chicken Adventures!

This has been one adventurous (stressful) chicken week!!  First, while I was gone scrapbooking with my BFF, one of my ladies was attacked by something and we had to put her down.  Then, the very next day, at chicken scratch/coop up time, Bully was no where to be found.  I looked everywhere for her.  In all the hiding places and more!  My nephew even came out and helped look for her.  Big Bear was looking.  She had 3 people searching.  I even went out on the 4 wheeler and looked for feathers, signs of struggle, anything.  All we found were two chicken hawks watching us.  And, then I knew.  Or...I thought I did!  
We were out well past dark looking.  I even moved the game camera to the chicken pen.  And, went out multiple times after dark checking.  Two chickens in two days, I was a mess!!!  Add to that, Bully is my favorite chicken.  I cried.  A lot.  I even dreamed that she showed up and got in the bed like a cat and slept with me and Big Bear! LOL!  I was dreading going out to let the chickens out this morning.  My eyes were swollen from crying.  I had stayed up way too late researching how to battle chicken hawks.  I was one upset chicken lady.
I finally drag myself out of bed determined that no one was free ranging today and I was going to clip wings.  I walk out the back door and there she is.  Just chilling out and looking at me like "I'm hungry.  It's about time lady!"  Seriously?!?  WHERE WERE YOU?  If only chickens could talk!!
No injuries.  She seems just as sassy as always.  Bully lives! I'm happy!

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