Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day 1 of Little's Chicken Run

So the "littles" are now integrated and technically able to free range but they mainly stay in the chicken pen.  I bought them their own coop, so we missed the hassle of integrating flocks into the same coop (nightmare).  However, they are stuck inside the coop until I wake up each day.  So...of course, I love a project and wanted them to have a predator proof run like the big girls so they can come down out of the coop into the run until I get up to let them out. is BEFORE:
And in typical fashion, we started this project in the heat of July!  Oops!
Day 1...we got it framed up!  And, Big Bear decided to take it a step further than I asked for and match the coop roofline and add a tin covered top!  :)
Disclaimer:  Day 1 was actually Saturday.  It's Wednesday.  We still aren't done! LOL!  We worked on it Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, skipped today.  It was supposed to take 2 days....hmmmm!

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