Saturday, July 15, 2017

Day 5 & 6 of the Little's Chicken Run

Day 5 and 6,  I was on my own.  Big Bear was busy catering and I just wanted it DONE!  We were one 1x4 short of having enough so ONE more trip to Home Depot.  I got that board cut and started lining up the tin to screw down.  I love that Big Bear decided on the tin roof slanted to match the coop!  :)
Then, it was on to the little touches...making sure the door wouldn't blow closed and lock my girls in or out.
Covering the space left open above the gate and the roofline.  Nothing a little 2x4, 1x4 and hardware cloth couldn't fix.  Good thing I'm handy! :)

Install gate latch.  It will have a pin through it so no coons can open it.
And, almost there!  I get to hang the feeder outside the coop since we put a roof on the run!  Yay!!  So, I rigged that up and presto!!  What I was told "would only take 2 days"  took 6 but looks great!  It also cost double what I thought!! But for about $300, you can do this too.  If you have scrap metal laying around. Otherwise, it's gonna cost you more!
And now the littles have a predator proof chicken run off their coop.  This morning was the first morning that I could guilt free keep going back to sleep because they weren't trapped in their coop until I got up to let them out.   It's the little things!
 All done!

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