Monday, July 10, 2017

Summer break Week 5!

The week's are flying by!!  We started this week on Sunday with a church picnic at Lake Nixon.  Of course, Big Bear manned the grill to cook burgers and hot dogs for 250 people! :)
And, then of course, the 4th of July.  Basically, about 5 days of idiots shooting fireworks and scaring my furbabies. (insert eye roll!)
This is also the day our nephew moved in with us for 6 weeks while he does an internship locally this summer.
Most of our week was spent in the camper.  (see post below for that adventure!)
It was Big Bear's birthday week but as he pointed out, I somehow manage to get a full birthday week while he is lucky to get 12 hours! LOL!
So, of course, I put him to work on my new chicken run as soon as we got home.  Chop! Chop! :)
And....drumroll...after 2 years of looking for an entertainment center to go with our country style, I finally made the leap and decided we would never "find" it, so I paid someone to make what I wanted.  And, it was ready for pick up Friday.  Coolest part is that ALL the barn wood and the tin came from my parents place.  LOVE!!
It's perfect!  I filled it up quick! ha!
Only 3 weeks left of vacation :(

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