Sunday, July 16, 2017

Summer Break Week 6 Highlights :)

**Sorry for the blog header -  currently under construction**
This week was a LONG week and LOTS going on!!
We worked on the chicken run off and on most of the week.
I got a new job a few weeks ago.  I'm still an elementary librarian, just at a different school.  So,
I packed my office at my old school and moved all my stuff into my new school this week.  In 100 degree temps.  It took both vehicles, but we got it in one trip.  It was an emotional day.  Glad to have that step behind me.
New library:
I got my first egg from the little's this week!! So far, only Rosie, a blue copper maran is laying.  BEAUTIFUL!

We finally finished the little's chicken run addition to their coop.  LOVE it!
Add to all that a few caterings and you have a full week!  We rewarded ourselves on Saturday with a day together of flea marketing and a nice lunch. :)
Two weeks of summer left.  We are going to make it last!

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