Monday, July 24, 2017

Summer Break - Week 7

We started the week by entertaining guests.  Look at those smiles!  The farm just does the heart good!
I spent two days this week at my new job just trying to unpack my stuff and get the library cleaned up so I can work when my contract starts on the 1st. 
We also had time to relax and enjoy the little moments. :)
 On Thursday, I got to have a mother/daughter day.  We spent the day hitting flea markets and we stopped by the farm that I got Pop and Crunch from.  This little cutie is her show goat this year.  So, he may be my next baby!  Yeeee!!!
And, I finished the week (and started the next one) by having our 5th annual Summer Scrap Camp with my BFF.  We were at Maumelle Park again and the view was so nice!  (Not that we went outside much!)  We did eat at the picnic table one night when Big Bear brought us dinner.
Scrappin' selfie with the bestie!
See we do fit it all in!  I managed to scrap 72 pages in 48 hours!! Woohoo!  I'm now caught up to February 2017.  Feeling better about it since I really only scrap twice a year these days.
One week from tomorrow, I am back at's been a pretty good summer!  I can't complain.

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