Saturday, July 1, 2017

Week 4 of Summer Break!

The calendar flipped to July today...which makes me want summer to SLOW down!!  Only one month left!! Ahhh!!  And, it's been a peaceful week!!
Sunday, we took a road trip after church and went to one of our old campgrounds to see if there were any spots to fit our big camper (we haven't been since the pop-up!) and we hopped on over to check out Big Bear's parents new place near Perryville. I love an unexpected road trip! :)
Monday morning was the BIG DAY for the Little's!!  The fence came down separating them from the Big Girls.  They are officially free range now!  Becky With The Good Hair is the only one being mean to them!
I have also taken one room at a time this week and deep cleaned the house...baseboards and all!  Boom! (Picture below just for cuteness factor!)
I went to my parents farm one day and "picked" their barn for a little more barn wood.  I also got some rusted tin and have taken it to a friend who is building me what I want for our living room tv.  I can't wait!! It's going to be AwEsOmE!
All the pets made it to the vet this week.  That was a rotation that took two days and a major hit to my wallet.  Turns out Ruby Rue is too fat for the cat carrier.  I had to put her in the chicken crate! LOL!  She weighed in at 19 pounds!!!
My main excitement on Friday was going with a friend to pick up her new baby goat!!!! Only two weeks old and still on the bottle!  LOVE!
Life is good!! Summer is GREAT!  July brings new adventures!!

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