Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 8 (final week) of Summer Break!

As I type this, I can't believe this was just a week ago!  Time flies when summer is coming to an end!! :(
I started my final week of summer break, with summer scrap camp with my BFF.  We scrapped at Maumelle Park again and neither one of us was in the scrapbooking mood when we got there.  We just needed a break!! LOL!  But, then inspiration struck and somehow I managed to get 72 pages done!  Woohoo!  We packed up Monday afternoon.  (stayed Saturday night and Sunday night)
Then, chicken drama hit!  Full force!  Before I left to go scrappin', I had arranged to get a young pullet to be buddies with the ONE I had from classroom hatchings at the end of the school year.  All the others turned out to be roosters.  
Sadly, on the same day I was going to pick up the newbie.  We discovered something had gotten a hold of Henny Penny.  So, I felt guilty for getting a new chicken on the day I had lost one of my oldies.  But I guess that's how chicken math works.  
I have an Americauna to go with my mix stray! LOL!
I also managed to rehome TWO roosters this week!!  Facebook is good for some things!!
And then the next day, Bully was unaccounted for at coop up time!  I was a mess!! I have never lost two chickens in two days and Bully was my favorite chicken.  I cried and cried.  Then, the next morning, there she was in the backyard.  Turns out (after a day and a half of trying to find her and solve the mystery), she was broody and in a darn good hiding spot about it!!
So. off to chicken jail she went for 3 days!  Probably hurt me more than her! LOL!
I got my first blue egg this week!!!  (and, it was also the egg that Bully was sitting on!  Guess she thought it was pretty too! ha)
Big Bear and I spent the day on Friday hitting flea markets with my parents along Hwy 64 and 65.  Found a few treasures. :)
Now, Saturday, I did something I wasn't sure I could do!!  I helped a friend process 6 of her meat chickens.  First let me say, meat chickens are totally different than my beautiful egg chickens.  They are huge.  They are ugly.  They stink. And, all they do is lay around.  In my opinion, people who say ugly things about chickens, (like the smell), it comes from only being around these meat birds. Yuck!
But, I did it from beginning to end.  We made sure it was a very humane process.  But, I am certain I have no interest in having meat birds.  That was a lot of work!!
I will be sticking to my beautiful happy egg chickens.  Thank you very much! LOL!
Sunday, we wrapped up the week with a trip to my parents farm to finish the repairs on our riding lawn mower and help them with their horse barn.
All good things must end.  Tomorrow is back to work.  Today, I enjoy the little moments of summer I have left. 

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